HYBRID Scene Study (Zoom + In Person)

HYBRID Scene Study (Zoom + In Person)
Claire Bronson
HYBRID Scene Study (Zoom + In Person)
Scott Poythress
$ 195.00 USD
On-Going/ 4 week sessions
11:00am – 2:00pm
Upcoming Dates Options
Aug 2024Sept 2024

About the Class

*NOTE – Prerequisites – SASS (or a similar script analysis class) is required and a technique is a bonus. Email claire@dramainc.net, scott@dramainc.net, and info@dramainc.net for consideration.

A 3 month commitment with deposit is required for first time Scene Study students. This is a necessity of the process. We are happy to discuss payment plans.

-This class is for the actor that wants a partnered workout to free themselves from the “box” that we self-tape in.

-You and your scene partner bring a prepped and ready-to-go scene and we’ll delve in providing notes and the opportunity to play a second time.

-We have two to three slots per class for performances.

-You will perform roughly twice per month – this will give you the opportunity to observe, listen, and learn from other actors and their work.

-We set the bar high, you must be 100% ready to perform.

-Lastly, we’ve created a safe place for you to do the work, and let go…get messy…because perfection is not art, it’s boring.

Week 1: Grab Bag – bring whatever you’d like to work on. We will bring Script Analysis skills to on camera work.
Week 2 – 4: Paired scene work.

***All Adult classes 18 and over unless otherwise specified.


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